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About the Alanda Group


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About us

The Alanda Group is a private real estate acquisition company that invests in residential vacant land.
Alanda is a vehicle for exchanging the burden of property ownership into cash. We use our capital to invest in assets in residential markets, earning the eventual profits between our acquisition costs and the rising long term property value.
We buy real estate fast and for cash. We strive to make the sales process very easy for our customers. If you would like to have cash in exchange for your property, please give us a call or complete our easy offer request forms.

Get easy and fast cash for your land

We want you to have a carefree and pleasant experience when working with us. That’s why we strive to process the transaction as fast as possible so you can get your cash as fast as possible.

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Do something good

Everytime we hit 1,000,000 $ in transaction value we donate 10% to our Alanda Foundation, where we help people in poor regions to create a foundation for a happy life. So you can be sure by selling your land to us, that you helped making the world a better place.

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Comprehensive carefree package

By working with us we don’t list your property for you.
We want to buy it from you. So after taking your land through the entitlement process, you’re completely free of the burden of property ownership. Of course we take care of all fees and back taxes.

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